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About Us

About Us

In our country, 90% of stuffed mussel production is carried out illegally in conditions unsuitable for seafood production. These shortcomings in the production and export of reliable and high quality stuffed mussels Our company aimed to solve the problem, in our facility equipped with international food safety systems, started its production with mussels obtained from aquaculture facilities.

Our company, which aims to produce high quality products and market them all over the world, has been operating since 2019. operates in the field of fishing products. After obtaining all the necessary approvals including Euro1, it started its shipments to all countries in EUROPE AND NON-EUROPE.

Why Us?

%100 İzmir Mussel

In our facility, where the HACCP food safety system is implemented, live shelled mussels from farms approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are brought together with rice and special spice mixtures and turned into delicious stuffed mussels.

Our Stuffed Mussels, which are shocked and frozen, are stored at -18°C as packaged in desired quantities. Our export shipments are carried out at

18°C by air transportation, ship shipments and road transportation to every point in EUROPE AND NON-EUROPE, while maintaining the cold chain

Our products are presented to our customers as processed in a way that is free from all microbiological and other hazards by performing autocontrol analyzes.

All of our staff work in the production area in accordance with the COVID-19 and Food Hygiene procedures. Our entire facility is monitored and inspected with 24/7 cameras and security systems, from the acceptance of raw materials to the shipment area.

You are invited to taste this delicacy.