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Why Stuffed Mussels?

Why Stuffed Mussels?

The mussel is a living species that lives in the sea, from the family of flat-gills, receptive with gills, between 5 and 60 cm in length, with a life span of about 12-14 years. The jaws (shells) of mussels are black, oval and both sides are the same. It is known that there are approximately 11000 mussels. In the seas close to the coast, they stick to hard objects and rocks.

Mussel meat is especially rich in vitamins of group A, B and C, as well as rich minerals such as iron and phosphorus. Omega-3 fatty acids support your healthy diet.

All our production line is traceable and established in accordance with cold chain principles. Electronic and with automatic tracking systems, stuffed mussels are prepared to obtain high quality and taste at every stage of process.


Many mussel production farms have been established in our country in the last ten years and these farms are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Products from mussel farms, which are regularly monitored and analyzed, are received by our facility without breaking the cold chain.